Whether it be for a private party, a wedding, a festival or community event, a storyteller can bring a gathering together through the magic of a told tale.  I'm available for hire for all kinds of events for all kinds of audiences.

Here is a selection of the most popular tales I tell (there are many more) organised into themes.  Contact me for more info or advice on age suitability:

  • Ancient Myths - legends from the earliest moments of our time.

Theseus and the Minotaur, Beowulf, Aeneas and the Golden Bough, Pandora's Box, Chuhullain the Champion, King Midas, The Ruby Prince, The Medusa, Thor's Hammer, Isis and Osiris, The Children of Lir

  • Animal Antics - tales featuring animals.

Little Duckie and the Turkish Sultan, Brer Rabbit, The Tinder Box, Anansi Stories, The Musicians of Bremen, The Freedom Bird, The Sea Star

  • Around the World - tales from all over the globe.

The Three Brothers, The Legend of Falling Star, Teasing the Tengu, Abdulla and the Lamp, The Parasol

  • Bold Lasses - tales that have strong female characters.

The Lass who went out at the cry of Dawn, The Wise Wife, Baba Yaga, Mollie Whuppie, 

  • Faerie Folk - tales from beyond the vale

The Fairy Thorn, Tam Lin, The Snow Bear, The Red Night Cap, The Woman who fooled the fairies, 

  • Fools and Idiots - stories about silly people doing silly things.

Silly Old Woman and the Sausage, the Old Woman and the Vinegar Bottle, The Jack Tales, Just Say Hic!

  • Ghosts and Ghouls - terrifying tales with a supernatural element.

The Boy who Drew Cats, The Sorrowing Harp, Bluebeard, Captain Bones, The Tinker and The Ghost, The Doll's House, Fox Maiden

  • Old Favourites - classics everyone knows and loves.

Rumpelstiltskin, The Snow Bear, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Robin Hood, Red Riding Hood, The Pied Piper

  • Urban Legends - spine tingling modern twists on old ideas.

Slender Man, The Phantom HitchHiker, Hanako or Bloody Mary, The Pied Piper, Count Bluebeard

You can contact me about a specific tale or I can recommend some.