Beasts of London & World War II storytelling April 2019

Fantastic Easter holidays at MoL and MoLD telling two stories specially designed for the museums. Wonderful family audiences, sing-songs and actions. Just loved it!

World Book Week 2019

Five days, five schools - awesome storytelling fun. I think my favourite moment was when I asked how Dorothy got back from the land of Oz - one child shouted ‘Uber?’

Myths and Legends Festival February 2019

I returned to the murky depths of Sailor town, armed with a giant unicorn horn (or Narwhal Tusk) to tell the tale of Magnus, the Red-headed Whale for this festival of Myths and Legends from around the world.

Chinese New Year 2019

Xīn nián kuài lè! Happy Chinese New Year - and 2019 is the year of the Pig, symbolising wealth! We had a lovely time at the Museum of London Docklands, flying Kites and chasing away the Beast Nian with colour, light and noise!

National Storytelling Week 2019

Kicking off 2019 with an action-packed week of storytelling - London, Harpenden and Dagenham for some fabulous frolicks!

2018 Round Up! What a Year!

It’s definitely been a wonderful year for storytelling. So many magic moments and wonderful audiences. Here’s to 2019…

Royal Academy of Arts - Oceania October 2018

Telling tales of the magical Patupairehe and the Trickster Demi-god Maui to families at the Academy for half term. We also made some beautiful Maori jewllery from clay afterwards!

Museums, Museums, Museums …

I have had tremendous fun telling stories at Heritage Sites and Museums, most of the time using genuine artefacts to inspire children and adults to delve deeper into our history.

Schools, Schools, Schools!

This year I have been to so many fantastic Primary and Secondary schools - the creativity and imagination of the students is so inspiring to me. And the creative projects that come after … wow! 2018/2019 is going to be fantastic!

Magic Carpet Storytelling - The National Gallery 12th August

I took a bit of a break over August to go travelling, but I always love popping in to the NG to dive into a painting with the under 5s. This one was magical, with lots of singing and hand actions.

Festival at the Edge - 20th-22nd July

My first year and first time comparing at the oldest Storytelling festival in England. I met some wonderful tellers, learned so many new skills and heard some beautiful stories. Can’t wait for next year!

JAZZ ON THE GREEN 2018 - 8th July

Tales from the Dragonfly once again joined the NGAG team for a fabulous afternoon of music and stories!

Raynes Park Festival - 7th July

The Boy who drew Cats was a big hit for this group - and then we drew some incredible cats!!

Islington Libraries Greenaway Event - 18th June


The Greenaway Medal shadowing in Islington involved six primary schools and every year they have an event to mark the announcement of the winner. Pupils to come together to give presentations and meet up with the schools involved. I was asked to come and tell stories to the schools to continue to inspire a love of stories, books and reading. Well done, everyone!

Stoke Newington Literary Festival - 3rd June

This literary festival has been running since 2010, celebrating the area’s radical and literary history. It was a great fun to tell stories to the crowds at William Patten School as part of the festival this year!

Canterbury Children’s Festival - 2nd June

This lovely festival asked me to return for another year! I performed in the gorgeous Kit Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury to the a wonderful and willing crowd. - Such a pleasure

Wise Words @ City Sounds in the Park  - May Bank Holiday

What a beautiful, sunny BHW in Canterbury telling stories with Wise Words in their exquisite yurt, leading the parade around the gardens and tellings stories at beautiful Mount Ephraim. 

Bold Lasses - Around the Fire at the Irish Cultural Centre

We had the most magical evening at the ICC, hosted by the wonderful Kate Corkery.  Music, stories, poetry - it was just heaven.  And the beautiful set design was courtesy of Manju from Kabutar Arts. Audio clips from the Bold Lasses show are coming soon.

Image (1).png


Wondrous Words -  family poetry and Keats' House

I have always loved the poems of Keats - he was a magical storyteller.  We spent a gorgeous afternoon, experimenting with sensory language.  Here is a poem by 6 yr old Raphael!





Museum of Childhood - Telling Tales


We had so much fun with masks and wild animals in the V and A's Museum of Childhood. The session was inspired by designer Fredun Shapur and his wonderful paper bag masks.  His toys are simple and vibrant, using primary colours.  You can view his work in the V and A's collection.




National Storytelling Week and World Book Day 2018

Another truly fantastic couple of weeks visiting schools all over the South East.  I am always so blown away by the creativity of young people and the stories they create.  This year was also a wonderful opportunity to try out new sessions on fairies and Shakespeare!

Birchwood High School - Urban Legends Nov 2017

I loved spending the day with students from yr 7, 8 and 9, focusing on storytelling skills, confidence, creating setting and group telling.  We scared ourselves silly!!


Halloween Storytelling  - Stoke Newington Library 

I tried out two new stories for this free community event - and then we all went trick or treating!  Boo!!


Ghosts in the Glens Storytelling Festival October 2017

It was an honour to be part of this wonderful festival in the Glens of Antrim, hosted by the lovely Liz Weir and featuring storytellers, Peter Chand, Eammon Keanan and Bards Aloud!  Great Craic!


Grasmere Primary School - Library Launch 22nd September

Libraries are so important and it was an honour to perform for the school's library opening - what a crowd!

Shemomedjamo Food Festival - 3rd September

I had a fantastic time telling stories in the Wise Words tent The Hideaway for this fabulous foodie festival in Mote Park.



Time Tunnelers Summer Show - MoL Docklands August

I had the privilege of presenting six of these superb family shows throughout the summer holidays.  We explored the archaeology of London beneath our feet and found some intriguing artefacts along the way!


National Gallery - Magic Carpet 23rd July


We looked inside Madmemoiselle Brogniart's bag to see what strange objects she was hiding - lovely under 5s fun!


Gillespie Summer Fair - 8th July

It's always a pleasure to perform for this wonderful school in Islington!  Such community spirit!

Jazz on The Green - Newington Green 2nd July

Another wonderful year at Jazz on the Green - what a turnout!  We tested a pirate stink pot, hid from a vicious homicidal Princess and used our magic to rescue our friends from danger.  Can't wait until next year!

Bulworthy Project - June BBQ Cafe in the Woods

We had a wonderful time with Pete and Anna at Bulworthy Project this June.  Lots and lots of people turned up to sample the beautiful local food, learn about living Off Grid, watch some spectacular sword play from Re-enacters Bowlore and listen to stories around the camp fire.  Looking forward to joining them in August... 

Canterbury Children's Festival at the Marlowe Theatre 

I was honored to be invited to the Marlowe's first Children's Festival to entertain the crowds in their busy foyer area.  We had so much fun and I hope to return next year!

The Lass - Wise Words Festival Canterbury

One of the most beautiful places I have told stories - Greyfriars Franciscan Chapel, built in the 13th Century.  The audience helped me to weave the tale and guided the Lass on her journey to find her long lost sister.  Unforgettable!

Magic Carpet Storytelling - National Gallery

We flew down to the Island of Naxos to help Bacchus create a party for Ariadne and dry her tears.  Such fun!

Stories on the River - Wise Words Festival Canterbury 

A  glorious day out on the boats telling tales about Irish Warriors, Japanese Goblins, magic birds and more.

Easter Sunday at Lizzy's On the Green 

We had the most wonderful time on the green doing a storytelling Egg Hunt based around The Woman who Flumoxed the Fairies!  The children all received a delicious fairy cake at the end of the tale.

World Book Day 2017

It's more like a WEEK!  One of my absolute favourite times of the year - great costumes too!


National Storytelling Week Jan-Feb 2017

A round-up in pictures of some of the fantastic people who helped me to create stories during one of my favourite weeks of the year!

Birchwood High School Febuary 2017

Some reluctant readers and shy performers from KS3 completely transformed some Greek myths with their words, their movements and their bravery! They politely asked that I don't post pictures of their final telling, but it was mesmerising and inspiring. Guys, you were amazing!

Manorside Primary School, November 2016

Two reception classes helped me sing songs and tell the tale of Little Ducky.  They were absolutely delicious!! Just look at them!!

St Aldhelm's Academy - Fantasy and Legend Autumn 2016


A fabulous day telling stories and work-shopping with yr 7 and 8 from St Aldhelm's Academy.  Slenderman and Bluebeard went down paticularly well...




Jazz on the Green 2016,  Newington Green

Another fabulous event on the green and a wonderful crowd eager and willing to listen and participate!  Immense fun!

Books & Stories Celebration - Bournemouth University 23rd June 

The Pied Piper, Count Bluebeard and Slenderman - The Urban Legends Session went down very well!  Hope there weren't too many nightmares!!  Thanks so much for having me!


The Wonderful World of Bees 12th June 2016


Fun and games at the lovely Gillespie Ecology Centre.

I was lucky to meet 'Music for Open Ears' here too!

Check out their website


Gillespie School Fair 2016

What a wonderful day we had!  The legend of Captain Bones is still ringing in my ears!!

Easter Fun day 2016

Egg hunts, little folk and brave princesses at Lizzie's.  And songs about frogs!

Pictures to come...

World Book Day 2016


Lightsaber fights, good versus evil, a magical parasol, a fluffy duck, silly songs and lots and lots of laughs!  We need a World Book Week!

National Storytelling Week 2016

I worked in two lovely schools where the children spent the morning and afternoon creating and then crafting their own animal stories - hopping guinea pigs being chased by a Tyrannosaurus Rex was one of my favourites!

The Lass Who Went Out at the Cry of Dawn

An old Scottish tale is given a royal twist  and has proved very popular with girls.  Possibly because the heroine in this story is no push over! She is resilient, feisty and wise - a perfect role-model princess!



Halloween on the Green October 2015

Spooky stories, games and ghost hunts on Newington Green, courtesy of the lovely Lizzy and her wonderful cafe.  We weren't REALLY scared.  Not much...

Bulworthy Project 1st August 2015

Bulworthy Project  is an experiment in low impact and sustainable living in Devon.  I had the pleasure of performing some stories and a ballad, accompanied by a Dulcimer, in their beautiful Greenwood.  For more info on what they do, go to

Jazz on the Green 5th July 2015

Telling stories on Newington Green for their annual Jazz on the Green Festival. A great crowd and great music!  For more info go to

Gillespie Primary School 12th June 2015

My second time telling stories at the wonderful Gillespie School summer fete. Lots of eager audience participation.  We had so much fun! 

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