As an ex-teacher, I love working with schools and museums to spark creativity through the power of storytelling.  Below are some of the most popular school story packages.  A full day is £350 and usually includes workshops and assemblies tailored to any or all year groups.  Travel is NOT included outside of London zones 1-6.  If you would like something more bespoke, please contact me at least two weeks before so I can prepare. There will be an additional charge of £50.

School Story Packages

Folk and Wonder Tales Story Day - MOST POPULAR!!   Whole school Primary - EYFS/KS1/KS2

A whole day of interactive folktales and wondertales from around the world covering reception all the way to KS2 - includes two assemblies and individual class workshops focusing on re-telling and shaping our own stories.

Animal Antics - EYFS/ KS1 

Workshops and assemblies using animal stories from all around the world. We travel to China to meet cheeky monkeys and stripy tigers; then we're off to the South Pole to play with penguins;  in Turkey, we meet an evil Sultan and a brave little duck; finally we come home to the UK to play with some farmyard animals!

Shakespeare Day - BRAND NEW! Macbeth, A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Tempest , Twelfth Night, Romeo & Juliet    KS1 / KS2 / KS3

Storytelling sessions based on the plays of the Bard, with character focus, language play, action and song.  Please give two weeks notice for this package and specify plays desired.


Viking Tales - Beowulf, Thor's Hammer, the Coming of Ragnarok   KS2

A great introduction to Vikings and their culture, traditions and beliefs.  Includes an interactive retelling of a Viking story - some of the stories are very gory so are suited more to yrs 4-6.



The Truth about Pirates   - Captain Bones   KS1/KS2

Delve into the world of Pirates and smugglers for some Buccaneer Mythbusting.  Learn about real pirates like Blackbeard, Mary Read and Madame Chang, followed by a telling of one of the spookiest pirate ghost stories ever told!  Shiver me Timbers!!!!

Urban Legends - The Pied Piper, Phantom Hitchhiker, Slenderman   KS2/KS3/KS4

Assembly and workshops exploring our fascination with the 'second-hand story', heard from a friend of a friend.  Are these stories really as contemporary as we think?  Includes a performance of my original story of Slenderman.  It's macabre, gruesome and chilling - not suitable for primary students, but has secondary students totally gripped!  Great for hooking disengaged readers.


Twisted Sisters - Binorie, Baba Yaga, Morgana, The Fox Maiden   KS3/KS4

Bad girls doing bad things!  Were they born that way or did their society make them so? A journey through the plight of women, both innocent and not so.  This extended assembly is far more gruesome than Cinderella!  Upper Key stages only.  Great for all girls schools - follow on activities for teachers.

                                                           The Hero’s Journey – from Theseus to Luke Skywalker   KS2/KS3

Assembly and workshops exploring story structure from some of the earliest examples over two thousand years ago (Gilgamesh / Beowulf / Theseus and the Minotaur/ Perseus and Medusa) right through to modern day heroes such as Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker.  Not for the feint-hearted, with wonderful opportunities to develop creative and    descriptive writing skills!

The Sea Star- Brothers Grimm  KS1/KS2

Interactive, musical storytelling and workshops on this wonderful tale of animal magic, hide and seek and the magic of things that come in threes.  Perfect for Years 1 to 3.


Aeneas and the Golden Bough  KS2 / KS3

Journey down into the underworld with Virgil's famous hero and meet an array of hideous and terrifying monsters.  A lively and intense workshop that focuses on performance and improving writing and description skills.  Perfect for accompanying Greek and Roman curriculum content, or igniting creative writing.                                                                                                                           

Children's Classics    KS1/KS2

A series of workshops spread across KS1 and KS2 looking at some of the most magical children's literature.  Explore a Bong-tree forest with the Owl and the Pussy Cat, plunge into the Wild Wood with Ratty and Mole, go through the Wardrobe with Lucy or down the rabbithole with Alice and hide buried Treasure from Long John Silver.  Finally, guide Bilbo safely home to Hobbiton.  Lots of Oracy, drama and descriptive re-telling.  Great for building confidence and using the imagination. (As this focuses on the texts, please give two weeks notice for this package).


Native American Tales – The Legend of Falling Star  KS1/KS2

An exploration of Native American culture focusing on the Nomadic Cheyenne Indian tribes.  Y3 took part in workshops on how to tell a simple story using Cheyenne motifs and then presented a group tale about the Coyote God.  Can be adapted to different cultures - excellent for global  awareness week.



Chocolate! – Performance Poetry Scheme  KS1/ KS2 / KS3

A look at Mayan culture and chocolate worship inspired a six week poetry project where students explored different poems and poetry techniques.  They then wrote a group poem and performed it to the rest of the year group with mouth-watering results! This is a totally adaptable six-part project, but the finished product is always staggering!  Great for developing group skills, language and vocabulary.


Do you Believe in Magic?    KS1 / KS2

Really popular workshop exploring performance skills, group skills and story mapping.  Students listen to a story, practise a group telling and then develope their own unique story together.  Excellent for group skills, building confidence and creativity.