Whether it be for a private party, a wedding, a festival or community event, a storyteller can bring a gathering together through the magic of a told tale.  I'm available for hire for all kinds of events for all kinds of audiences.

Here is a selection of the most popular themes I tell from. Contact me for more info on specific tales or advice on age suitability:

Ancient Myths - Greek, Norse, Hindu, Celtic and more …legends from the earliest moments of our time.

Animal Antics - tales featuring all sorts of animals; mythical, magical, zoological.

Around the World - tales from all over the globe. Pick and country and let’s get going…

Bold Lasses - tales that have strong female characters. No princesses trapped in towers here…

Faerie Folk - tales from beyond the vale. These fairy stories are soft but sometimes sinister…

Fools and Idiots - stories about silly people doing silly things.

Ghosts and Ghouls - terrifying tales with a supernatural element. Not for the faint-hearted!

Legends of Valour - tales of heroes, warriors and brave souls.

Old Favourites - classics fairy tales everyone knows and loves.

Story Songs - a trio of stories woven to music. This is something extra special; have a listen on the watch/listen page.

Urban Legends - spine tingling modern twists on old ideas. WARNING - scary stuff!

You can contact me about a specific tale or I can recommend some.