Here is some feedback from clients, students and staff...

“Emily crafted a Māori storytelling session for our programme of half term activities about Oceania. She brought so much energy to the stories, keeping families hanging on her every word and encouraging them to join in with actions and singing to bring the room alive.
— Olivia Bladen, Family Programmer , Royal Academy of Arts 2018
I cannot begin to express how great it was to work with you. It made such a difference to have someone so enthusiastic and flexible at the event. Everyone was buzzing! Thank you.
— Jaq Delaney, Islington Library Greenaway Event
‘An amazing storyteller came to our school this week. She told us the story of The Minotaur using actions and expressions. We did an opposites exercise and created our own monster stories in groups. At the end of the day we had to stand up and tell the story of our monster. It really gave me lots of confidence. I did not think I would be able to stand up and perform a story with actions but I did. I would love Emily to come in again. She was really inspiring.’
— Freya Yr 7 Birchwood Highschool
“The storyteller was absolutely fantastic – extremely engaging”

“Emily has engaged them [the pupils] and inspired them – exposing them to a different genre”

“The storyteller was inspiring as she has every child and adult engaged and interacting”
— teachers and students, Books & Stories Project, Bournemouth University
Your ability to adapt to different year groups and engage a wide range of children means I would recommend you without hesitation. You will have a lot of children excited to see you back as well as a lot of staff willing to learn from your storytelling skills.
— Mr Daniel, Assistant Head
The workshop linked to my children’s current topic on the Romans and so it really deepened their learning in this area. They were immensely engaged in the physical and oral storytelling and this enthusiasm then flowed to their writing creations.
— Ms Adams, English Lead and Year 4 Teacher
Our students loved your session. They all said it was their favourite part of the day. You were so engaging and had everyone on the edge of their seats!
— Mr James, KS3 Literacy Resources Manager
Emily’s knowledge, enthusiastic approach and energy shone through and inspired the children. They were captivated by her storytelling and movement.
— Ms Keates, Year 3 Class Teacher
My whole class has learned a lot from you. You helped me be confident in front of a big crowd.
— Shanelle, Year 4
I’m most proud of learning about movement, actions and onomatopoeias. You made me feel confident performing.
— Demi, Year 4
I really liked working in a group because I’ve never really done that before - I couldn’t have done it without my group!
— Osman, Year 4