Watch a promo for the Museum of London Docklands Myth and Legends festival in February 2019 - Icelandic folk tale ‘The Red-Headed Whale’.

Watch a clip from the story ‘The Princess and the Kite’ for Chinese New Year.

Listen to a clip from my original story - Sheila, the Phantom Hitch Hiker of Loughareema, told at the Irish Cultural Centre.


Listen to a clip from my own version of this famous Scottish story, told at the Irish Cultural Centre.


Listen to this original rhyming story based on a very old folk tale...


Watch a clip of yrs 1, 2 and 3 help me make the enchanted forest for our brave suitor to hide in...


Watch Yrs, 4, 5 and 6 hear the story of the famous kid-knapper.  You could have heard a in drop...


Watch clips of the wonderful story 'The Parasol' being told to a lovely reception class.


Listen to some of my original songs that I love to perform live: